What Does The Widow Maker And The Golden Cross Mean For Natural Gas?


Posted on September 10, 2021

There are some things in life that are industry standards, inevitable outcomes, and expectations. Death, inflation, taxes, aches, pains, moving to renewable energy, rewards, and gains are all inevitable outcomes and expectations.

The “Widow Maker” and the “Golden Cross” are based upon financial charts and indices in the market. A natural gas trade known as the widowmaker because of its volatility is once again in focus amid concerns about the level of U.S. inventories as the country gets closer to winter.  The golden cross appears on a chart when the pattern points to a potential for a major rally. In the oil commodities markets, it has only happened 3 times with a 20% to 50% rally in the market. – Matt Maley, Equity Strategist at Miller Tabak on CNBC’s Trading Nation program.

`Widowmaker' spread hits record high

Let’s look at the world’s psychological outlook on energy. Move to renewable energy. With that out of the way let’s look at some of the key bullet points that are in play around the world that our research team has been tracking.

  • The electric vehicles market is being rolled out in all countries that can print money.
  • Nuclear is the best source to deliver the lowest kwh to consumers.
  • Fossil fuels are increasing in demand around the world.
  • The demand for electricity demand is heading for its fastest growth in 10 years. IEA says electricity is due to increase by 4.5% in 2021. Almost 80% of that increase is in emerging markets.
  • The global trend for stimulus ( or inflation creation) packages around the world all have projects in the energy space that has renewable sources production requirements as major components!
  • Increasing prices for transporting energy are increasing due to the aging fleet of tankers and demand rising.
  • Renewable energy cannot support the world’s energy grids with current technology.
  • Natural Gas is the number 1 energy source used to supplement Europe’s renewable instability of electrical generation.
  • Natural Gas and coal are the fastest-growing sources of electricity around the world. Coal alone is projected to increase by 60%.
  • Natural Gas has the lowest world inventories as a percentage in decades.
  • Natural Gas prices have trended higher over the summer due to excessive heat and increased electricity demand.
  • Even the renewable leaders Germany and California have the highest kWh prices, large installed renewable base, and are firing up Natural Gas and coal plants to get through the winter.

The Bottom Line

The bulls are just starting their long run in the Natural Gas markets. We are about to hit prices well above $7 and are on the road to over $15 in the next several years. The last time we saw $15 Natural Gas was in December of 2005. The World Bank had Natural Gas at $4 by 2030, and they clearly have not reviewed some of the key psychological and market indices.

Natural Gas 2023 will tell 2005 to “Hold my beer”.

The key reason for renewable energy success is tax deductions. We will go to renewables but at what cost? My new marketing campaign should be “Do you like paying taxes?” and “What’s in your portfolio?”

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