Does Goldman Watch Benzinga, BBC or Yahoo Finance? – King Operating calls $90 Oil before Goldman


Posted on September 23, 2021

It is no secret that our King Operating research team has been a “Perma” bull on oil and gas. Between geopolitical, shifts in world energy policies to renewables, declines in available capital to E&P companies, and the increased world demand.

One common thread is the world energy crisis and how we got here. There is nothing to stop the $90 oil except Saudi Arabia and Russia, and even then they want the higher prices.

But wow this week was a total media fest asking questions about the world energy crisis. Talking to the BBC, Benzinga, and Yahoo Finance live shows were an absolute blast. But even more fun is having Bloomberg post “Goldman Sees $90 Oil if Coming Winter Is Colder Than Normal”.

So seeing that Goldman is following along with my prediction on the day after is a nice complement or validation.  

The Yahoo Finance Interview and Tweet:


The BBC Live Interview:

BBC World News Live
BBC World News Live Interview With Jay Young


The Benzinga Interview

Spencer Israel with Benzinga and Jay R. Young Talk Oil
Jay goes all-in for $90 oil by the end of the year.


The Bottom Line;

Where there is a pattern, there can be trends. Trends are even more powerful than patterns.

The trends for oil and gas on all matrices is a bullish market for a very long time. The key reason is the lack of capital and direction of the energy markets to “Greener”. There is a worldwide movement of printing money and directing it to renewable projects. Raising taxes to pay for the printed money also seems to be a portion of the inflation and higher commodities prices.

Buckle up, we are in for some interesting times ahead.

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