Years of field experience and exploration have led us to some lucrative oil & gas projects in the Permian. Efficient, producing wells are great to have. But our financial model is the real ROI multiplier, giving our investors royal returns. Which is why our current projects have funded so quickly.

We go back a ways

King Operating started as a typical prospecting O&G firm in Dallas, Texas. The problem was... that old world way just didn't make money consistently. So in 1996 we started doing exploration in the Permian Basin, acquiring prime land, creating efficient extraction methods and, more recently, developing a new financial model unique to the industry.

Our new strategy? Focus on multi-stacked pay zones. That's a fancy way of saying we target properties that have as many as 8 productive oil and gas zones at different depths that can be accessed in the same well bore. We use state-of-the-art horizontal extraction methods and employ efficiency expertise.

Today, three projects are underway, proving the model works even when oil prices fluctuate, with a fourth one coming online soon.

Recent projects

Located in the Permian Basin and producing over 1,100 bbl/day from 5 wells, SCEF I is the first project to use our unique financing model. Funded in 2015, a 2016 partial sale yielded a project valuation of 9X the initial equity in the span of one year.
A fully financed shallow play in Duval County, Texas. Phase 1 has 6 wells drilled and producing. An additional 2 wells will be drilled in Q1 2017.
Adjacent to SCEF I in the Permian Basin, using the same drilling strategy and funding model. Drilling is currently underway.
Also adjacent to SCEF I, this current offering contains two prolific oil & gas formations. We anticipate drilling two wells by Q2 2017. For more information, call Tom Gray at 972-930-1161 or visit

Leaders with vision, talent and grit

James R. "Jay" Young, CEO & Founder - Our tenacious leader developed this new kind of funding model. With a four generation legacy in oil and gas and a deep involvement in industry, community and leadership organizations, Jay leads the charge for profitability, change, entrepeneurship and what's over the next horizon.... and it is paying off.

Todd Garner, COO - Todd executes the vision and makes the model happen for King, executing the financial and operational aspects as only someone with a large scale energy background could.

Brian J. Stubblefield, Chief Geologist - Our esteemed scientific technician is at the vortex of everything good at King. This is the mastermind behind our current and future exploration and development efforts. Employing cutting edge geophysical methods and seasoned drilling expertise, Brian is a big reason why our projects run so efficiently.

The full update of our website is coming soon. In the meantime, talk to us.

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